Museums as Laboratories

Homewood House is more than a museum full of beautiful objects. It serves as a laboratory for a Museums & Society class that Catherine Rogers Arthur teaches each fall.  Throughout the class, the students work to curate an exhibition that presents their research and discoveries on a topic that changes every year. This year, Ms. […]

Autumn Light

As we settle into the new semester, the oppressive heat of the summer sun has eased as we rush past the autumnal equinox, and our wobbling top of a planet tilts away from our star. Light becomes a precious commodity, and we look for its comforts in the colder months. While studying, there are ways […]

National Parks, Historic Sites, & Monuments

From its beginnings the US government has designated land for public use. In 1790, land for Washington, D.C., was set aside for the building of the country’s capitol. Then, in 1832, the Hot Springs Reservation was established in Arkansas. During the Civil War, President Lincoln took time on June 30, 1864 to sign a Senate […]