As we settle into the new semester, the oppressive heat of the summer sun has eased as we rush past the autumnal equinox, and our wobbling top of a planet tilts away from our star. Light becomes a precious commodity, and we look for its comforts in the colder months.

While studying, there are ways to bring a little illumination to your day in our group study rooms in the Brody Learning Commons and in MSEL. The new Commons will have welcome light in abundance this winter, as the glass panes of its walls and atrium bring the warmth and illumination that the season would deny us, so be sure to reserve a sunny room for your collaborative efforts!

If pizza and the glow of PS3 is your way of dealing with less light, be warned: your body really needs natural light. Light’s absence during Earth’s winters can be fatal (or at least very depressing). If you were to read about Arctic exploration, your attentions might turn towards the North Pole, say, looking for Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated expedition in 1863, his journal a cautionary tale of what lack of light can do.

When the day’s classes and studying are over, the light beckons! There are some day trips nearby, both historically enlightening and fun, for those who might want to get out and about in the crisp air and vivid skies of the season, and a tour of a local farm is a great way to bring a light to the eye of a fresh pumpkin!

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