LGBTQ+ Data and Collections

JHU Pride

In honor of Pride month, we want to highlight LGBTQ+ data and collections at JHU and beyond. These datasets give us a lens through which we can observe and interpret the history of the LGBTQ+ struggle for equality and recognition, while also serving as a tool for progresss moving forward. Datasets Many of these data […]

GIS Workshops For Fall

The Sheridan Libraries GIS and Data Services Department is resuming its popular series of workshops, “Getting Acquainted With ArcGIS”! From introductory classes, through design, sharing, data selection, and georeferencing, students learn and share ideas about how to present data in visual form. All classes will be held from 4-5:30 pm on A-level. Our weekly workshops schedule is as […]

De-identifying human subject data for sharing

JHU Data Management Services will be giving training sessions periodically, starting this spring, in which we offer tips and techniques for preparing human subject data for public access, for both quantitative and qualitative research. More and more funding agencies, publishers, and research communities are asking researchers to make results of funded studies publicly available to […]

Baltimore From Above, c. 1937-38

A happy conjunction of a US government crop acreage analysis in the 1930s and Baltimore’s City’s uncommon physical incorporation (surrounded by, but not part of, Baltimore County) has provided The Sheridan Libraries with a useful set of aerial map images to download, incorporate into geospatial information programs, or use to compare geographical features over time. […]

World Bank’s New Open Data Initiative

The World Bank has announced a new open data initiative that will bring global economic and development data to the Web for the world to use. This free site provides easy access to statistics and indicators about development—including the latest World Development Indicators, which used to only be available via subscription. The Sheridan Libraries have added […]

Locating Data on Baltimore in ICPSR

In order to find secondary survey data on Baltimore in ICPSR, use the general search box (upper right) and enter Baltimore Maryland, as shown above (capitalization does not matter).  Some of the studies you will find via this search include: Pathways to Adulthood: A Three-Generation Urban Study, 1960-1994: [Baltimore, Maryland] American Housing Survey 2007: Metropolitan […]