Johns Hopkins launched a new system this spring called 25Live to manage room reservations across campus, including group study rooms in Brody. 25Live is a complex system, but if you set up some options in your account the first time you use it, you will find it easy to use in the future.

NOTE: From now until MSE Library closes for the renovation, group study rooms in that building are first-come first served on a walk-in basis. When MSE Library reopens after the renovation, these policies will apply to the new group study rooms in that building as well.

To reserve a group study room, visit the Room Reservations page on the library website.


  • The availability window is 48 hours from the current time, rolling over every hour.
  • You may book 4 reservations per week, with a total of 8 hours per week.
  • You may book a room for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Your bookings are limited to a total of two hours each.

Additional room guidelines

  • Reservations have priority over walk-ins.
  • Groups of two or more patrons get priority over one person.
  • J-card swipe is required for entry.
  • If a room is not occupied within the first 10 minutes of the reservation block, the room is then free for all groups to use.
  • The reservation system cannot do a transfer of a reservation to another user.
  • Students can’t reserve non-group study rooms (such as BLC 4040 and BLC 50150/17), but may use them when they are not being used by library staff.