Nicolas de Larmessin’s Costumes Grotesques: The GardenerNicolas de Larmessin’s Costumes Grotesques: The Printer

Ah, majors!  Tell someone you’re a student and what’s the first question they ask? Exactly.

During your time as a blue jay, you encircle yourself with all the requirements of your major – from prerequisites to provisions.

You may feel a little like the characters in Nicolas de Larmessin’s Costumes Grotesques, bedecked with the tools and commodities of their trades.

The Gardener is himself in bloom. And the industrious Printer is fully engaged in his work.

We’ve created a template for you to express how your major fits you. As a Chem major, do you wear a bonnet of beakers? If History is your thing, do you stand on hourglass legs, perched on the sands of time?

Maybe you wear your major elegantly, like the maker of Coffee. Or maybe, like the Cheesemaker, you keep it close to your heart.

If these examples aren’t inspiring enough, have a look at the Peabody Library’s copy of Costumes Grotesques here.

Then post your own image on Facebook or on Instagram at #MyHopMajor so we can create the Special Collections Gallery Majors to show off your talents and celebrate your academic chops.