As you all finish up exams and papers, and head home (or elsewhere) for the holidays, here are a few tips to keep your celebrations worry-free, at least as far as the library is concerned:

  • Renew all your books now. That way, you won’t have to worry about anything coming due.
  • Keep all your checked out books someplace that you can access, in case one is recalled. If a book is recalled, you will have to get it back to the library by hook or by crook.
  • De-clutter your dorm room, carrel, or office, and return any library material you no longer need.

Writing papers over the winter break? Need a book that’s checked out here, or just plain not available to you?  Try BorrowDirect; books available from the other libraries in that system can be here in 4-5 days. You can also try Google Books. There is SO much current content there. You can often find the chapters you need online. You can find many e-books as well in our catalog, Catalyst. Many of our databases also have e-book collections, as well as other online resources, that you can use no matter where you are spending your break. So no excuses for not having the right materials to finish that project!

You also have the online research guides available to you, under “Research Guides” on the libraries’ home page. And the Ask-A-Librarian service, just in case you need to contact us for assistance.