Need a job or internship? Look no further. We’ve collected many of the resources available to JHU students here in a one-stop-shopping blog.

ForagerOne : Created by Johns Hopkins undergraduate students, this website allows you (JHU students only) to search your research topic of interest (neuroscience, psychology, etc.) for professors who are currently conducting research in that area. You can click on faculty profiles and see what they’ve previously researched, and what they’re currently doing. ForagerOne makes it easy by providing profiles with a professor’s email and office number, so you can contact them about potential employment opportunities.  


Vault Online Career Library: Provides rankings and reviews to find the best companies to work for and the best internship programs. Vault is best known for its influential rankings, ratings, and reviews on thousands of top employers and hundreds of internship programs. Find expert career advice including sample interview questions, sample resumes, sample cover letters and more!

Mergent Intellect: Use the jobs database to find opportunities from 20 million employers in the U.S., over 400,000 employers in Canada, and over one million employers in Mexico. Users can search by industry, employer, occupation, women-owned, minority-owned, or for veterans.

ReferenceUSA: Search their jobs database, which contains 2.5 million job/internship postings that are updated weekly! Search by company name, business type, employee size and more!


Graduating soon? You don’t have to wait until after you graduate to use these resources. Whether you’re already an alumnus or days away from commencement, get started today by creating an account!

  • GoHop Online: We’d provide direct links here, but you have to log in first to access job listings.
    • GoHop Jobs BoardOnce you log in, click on the “JOBS” tab.  You can then search internships and jobs by industry or key words. A nice feature is that you can connect with alumni at specific companies who are willing to help recent graduates find a job, and to be a mentor.
  •  KnowledgeNET – Sign up for an account today! Once you log in, scroll down to the bottom of the KnowledgeNET page to “Career Resources.” There you will find “Career Website” and “Johns Hopkins Schools Career Services.” Alumni should call the Alumni Office at 410-516-0363 or 1-800-548-5481 (1-800-JHU-JHU1) to set up their alumni account and new e-mail address.

Career Guide:  JHU Career Services, the Sheridan Libraries, and the Student Services Excellence Initiative (SSEI) have collaborated to create a one-stop-shopping site for employment and career resources. Search jobs and internships now!

Co-Authored by Lily Steele-Dadzie ’20 (Cognitive Science) and Meredith Shelby,  Marketing & Outreach, JHU Sheridan Libraries & University Museums