For most researchers, grant writing is part of their job. As one of the best research institutions in the nation, Johns Hopkins offers a wide range of resources and services to its faculty and researchers and helps them compete for top dollars from both government and private funding sources. However, for many undergraduate students, writing a grant proposal may seem remote and mysterious. Is it really possible for someone who is just starting out to get funded?

The answer is yes! To facilitate undergraduate research, Hopkins offers professional guidance on how to start as an undergraduate researcher as well as a number of funding opportunities specifically for undergraduate students, such as PURA: Provost’s Undergraduate Research Award, Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, and more. In addition to Hopkins programs, there are numerous funding opportunities nationwide available for undergraduate students. For example, if you are going abroad for study or research and looking for funding to cover your expenses, be sure to check out this site. You can also check out other opportunities through searchable grant databases.

Needless to say, getting a grant is no easy task. It could be a time-consuming, even intimidating process. The good news is that you do not have to do it alone. Besides consulting with your professor about your research idea, the liaison librarian for your department can give you expert guidance on where to find the information needed to turn a general idea into a fundable research proposal. The library also has scores of books on how to write a winning grant proposal. Most of the books may not be as exciting to read as How to Kill a Vampire, but hey, if they can bring you much needed cash, it is worth the trouble!

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