There are so many people at Hopkins interested in Museum Studies that we are constantly thinking of new ways to meet research needs for Hopkins’ museums staff and faculty and students in the Homewood Museums & Society program and Museum Studies in Advanced Academic Programs (AAP). Not to mention interdisciplinary researchers whose fields intersect with Museum Studies.

So, we’ve gone ahead and revamped our Museum Studies Research Guide! The new guide features a main homepage with information of interest to anyone – from seasoned museum curators to those who are totally new to the field. Then, two tabs of the guide focus on a particular audiences: participants in the Homewood program or folks who study or teach in the AAP program. Each of those subpages is tailored to the academic needs of that particular program.

Since so many museum professionals and students in the field are interested in rare books and archival materials, we also have a tab that links to Special Collections and Archives. One last tab, yet to be populated, will give us a place to showcase student projects that highlight museums and curatorship. Stay tuned for that!

If you have recommendations on how we can improve this guide even further, please leave a note in the “leave a comment” area below or send an email to Ask-a-Librarian!

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