“Do tell me how I can help you,” said the Chief Rabbit.

“Well sir,’ said Hazel rather hesitantly, ‘it’s because of my brother — Fiver here. He can often tell when there’s anything bad about, and I’ve found him right again and again. He knew the flood was coming last autumn,…and now he says he can sense a bad danger coming upon the warren.”

“A bad danger. Yes, I see. How very upsetting,” said the Chief Rabbit, looking anything but   upset.
Watership Down

Richard Adams made up rabbit stories to tell to his two young daughters during long car rides. He had recently read The Private Life of the Rabbit, and made up the personalities and behaviors of the rabbits in his story from descriptions in the book.

His tales about a community of rabbits, who were brave and timid, big and small, talented and vicious and born leaders, became the beloved classic Watership Down. Adams, who died in December 2016 at the age of 96, had worked at Great Britain’s Department of Environment, and had visited every location that he wrote about in the book.

Why were the rabbits in Britain being exterminated?

Do we have any other fictional stories about rabbits?

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