Doing research in Chemistry and have no idea where to begin? Please, come to the library’s Information Desk and ask to speak with the librarian on duty! But, here’s a secret: you can get a head-start by trying the sources on the Chemistry Research Guide. Just between you and me, it’s what I (a humanities librarian) use to answer Chem questions!

Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes the databases on these guides are just plain tricky to use – and librarians can help you use them most efficiently. But, give it a go on your own first and see what you discover. You’ll likely get a good start.

What type of info might you need?

If you need to identify articles on a subject – use the Online Resources part of the guide.

If you need to know the properties of a particular chemical compound – check out Chemical Properties.

If you have a Chem Lab assignment – chances are, the answer lies in one of these sources.

So, when you’re in a research jam and don’t have time to meet with a librarian, explore the wonders of our research guides, for Chemistry or any field of study!

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