More and more, engineers and scientists need visual materials for their work. Civil engineers need images of bridges and buildings; astronomers need pictures of galaxies and nebulae; biologists want to see microbes up close and personal. A picture is worth a thousand words in the sciences, too!

But, where do you find them? No need to fear, the Finding Images Guide is here! There’s an entire section dedicated to resources that have illustrations, pictures, drawings, and all sorts of wonderful things for visually-minded women and men of science.

So, you’ve found all these great images – now what to do with them? The guide offers advice on how to save images and present them in the classroom, how to cite them properly when part of your research, how to use them effectively in your publications, and generally how to ensure legal and ethical use of images to support your research and teaching.

Explore and enjoy these resources! Feel free to use visual materials liberally for your scholarship (cited properly, of course), but don’t go making calendars and coffee mugs with them – that’s what we call a copyright violation…and, that’s no fun.

Questions? Please ask us, as always!

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