john-teaching.jpgClass visits to Special Collections provide students with a tangible experience of history. The materials in our collections support teaching in any number of disciplines, from introductory undergraduate courses to advanced seminars. Classroom space can be booked in the Peabody Library, the Garrett Library, or Eisenhower Special Collections, and staff are happy to assist with the selection and presentation of materials to your students. Additionally, all Hopkins students are welcome to make use of our materials for individual research.

Recent class visits have included:

  • Civil engineers examining Victorian iron-truss bridge structures
  • Art historians poring over woodcuts by Durer and etchings by Piranesi
  • English majors tracing variants in editions of Whitman’s Leaves of Grass
  • Undergraduates interpreting handwriting in historical documents
  • Medievalists encountering illuminated manuscripts

To learn more about the resources in Special Collections or to schedule a visit, please contact Danielle Culpepper, John Buchtel, or Margaret Burri.

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