opera_singerAre you an opera fan? Do you want to see some great performances of your favorite chestnuts? Or, are you interested in exploring new music you’ve never seen or heard before? Opera in Video might be a great source for you!

This library database is an essential tool for students at the Peabody Institute, providing access to some of the most important and innovative opera performances from around the world. The database allows users to make links to entire operas, selected arias (such as a favorite from Carmen), or other portions of a work (such as the dramatic Ride of the Valkyries).

In addition to video and audio, Opera in Video provides production notes, performer biographies, interviews, editorials, and some musical scores. Not quite as much information as another library resource, Grove Music Online, but still a nice added feature!

This resource joins the ranks of other related materials on the Audio & Video portion of the Eisenhower Library’s Music Research Guide. The Classical Music Library and the Naxos Music Library, for example, are particularly good for audio clips.

Also keep in mind that the Friedheim Library is an important resource for musicians and music enthusiasts, housing musical scores, recordings, and essential scholarship in the field. Friedheim is located on the Peabody’s Mt Vernon campus.

One thought on “Opera should be seen and heard!

  1. This is a fantastic tool. In addition to many recent performances, they also include historic television productions like the 1956 “Festival of Music” http://opiv.alexanderstreet.com/View/605529 This program features Leonard Warren, Marian Anderson, Zinka Milanov, Isaac Stern, Gregor Piatigorsky and more. Wonderful, wonderful stuff.

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