Summertime is here once again. One of the things I remember most from summers past is the music. I spent many a day attending, marching, or performing in a concert. The season provides so many opportunities for attending and participating in music events. With all the local festivals and holidays, there is always somewhere to go to see a parade or a concert. Whether you like jazz, rock, or instrumental, there is something that will fit your fancy. Some of the different concert series in Maryland include First Thursdays Concerts in the Park in Mount Vernon, Groovin’ in the Grass in Monkton at the Ladew Topiary Gardens, and the Pier Six Pavilion Concert Series in downtown Baltimore. But what if you are curious about a song you heard?

The Sheridan Libraries has many ways to access all types of music, from viewing the printed sheet music to listening to a recording of the song. Take, for example, Stars and Stripes Forever by John Philip Sousa. You can listen to a recording of it from American Song, or you can view the sheet music with the words from Duke University through American Memory from the Library of Congress. Our own Friedheim Music Library at the Peabody Institute is also another wonderful resource if you are looking to expand your musical knowledge. With large archival collections, some of which are digitized, and access to other collections through various consortia, the Friedheim is the place to go to satisfy your music curiosity. Their summer hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

Enjoy the summer festivals and the music you find there too!

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