If you’re a returning student (or staff or faculty), there are a few changes around MSEL you should know about.

Elevators – The MSEL public elevators (near the central staircase) are in the midst of a renovation. We don’t expect them to be operational again until Sept. 15 (or thereabouts). In the meantime:

  • Use the BLC elevators to move between Q and C Levels
  • Ask at the Guard’s Desk to take the elevator down to D Level if you can’t manage the stairs from C to D; they’ll escort you down via the staff elevator
  • To come back up from D Level: if you can manage the stairs from D to C, just go up to C and take the BLC elevator the rest of the way, or if you need the elevator the entire way, use the courtesy phone around the corner from the staff elevator (near the north staircase) to call the M Level Guard’s Desk (6-4814) to have the elevator brought down to you

newcarrels2Changing C Level

  • We’ve added 14 new carrels to the north end of C Level, near the staff elevator. More quiet study seating!
  • The sole printer/copier/scanner on C level is right next to the central stairwell.

New journal issues are all on M Level – The newest print issues of newspapers, journals, and magazines are all in one spot now: the M Level Current Periodicals section.

AV Changes on A Level – The large AV viewing room now accommodates streaming technology. Both viewing rooms have been upgraded and painted. The microform equipment has been moved into the AV office to provide researchers a quieter environment, accessible with a key they receive with their microform materials at the M Level Service Desk. A future blog post will provide more details about the AV changes. Stay tuned!

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