As journals, magazines, and newspapers moved online, MSEL decreased our print subscriptions. This happened most quickly in the science and engineering fields. Back in 2008 we started decreasing shelf space on C Level for print journal issues. At this point, our print subscriptions in the social sciences and humanities have also decreased. Now it makes sense to put them all in one space.

Current Periodicals, M Level of MSEL

All the newest print periodicals are now on M Level, in the Current Periodicals section, near the light court. We moved the science journals we still get in print up to this area; they are no longer on C Level. And, the newspapers are still on M Level, along the back wall of the Current Periodicals.

Just the very newest issues are on M Level. For the titles that we keep in print, we periodically gather up the issues and bind them. Then they’re shelved on a lower floor of MSEL or in the Library Services Center, our off-site shelving facility. Below you can see how Catalyst tells you where particular issues and volumes are located.


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