Don’t let finals get you down – the library can help. What you probably need most is a place to study – we’ve got you covered with study areas galore: quiet spaces for you to hunker down and get to work, and collaborative study areas for you to work on projects, or meet with your study group. You can reserve group study rooms in MSE and BLC online for up to four hours.

We have people and equipment to get you through the next few days too. Your librarians are right here with you – don’t forget there are many ways you can get help from them, in person, online, or even from your phone. Tech Help is available in person and over the phone, and the printers, copiers and scanners are hot and running 24/7. Just don’t wait until right before your paper is due to print it out – you never know when there will be a paper jam, ink runs out, or you forgot to put money on your J-card.

Don’t forget to take some breaks, relax, get some sleep, and stay active. Taking care of your body and mind is especially important when you’re working so hard. It’s worth it to get some sun (but not too much!) take a walk to clear your head, and eat proper meals. Living on energy drinks and power bars even if only for a week isn’t a great idea. Taking care of yourself this week will set you up for success.

We have put together a full survival guide to help you get through the next few days. Good luck!

End of Semester Survival Guide

Click here for a text-only version of the survival guide.

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