Last year Homewood Recycling distributed a survey about composting and recycling needs on campus. From the 400 responses, they determined that additional composting bins were desired and that the library was a prime location. Though we’ve offered composting in the BLC for several years, it turns out that these weren’t adequate for students on the go. The Sheridan Libraries Green Team, an 8-person committee that spearheads sustainability initiatives, was eager to meet this need.

compostingWe’re pleased to announce that MSE Library, in partnership with Homewood Recycling, has just installed additional composting inside and added collection outside the Library:

  • 15 bins – M, A, B, C, and D levels (bins were already located on Q level)
  • 2 bins – Tyler Terrace outside BLC Café
  • 1 bin – MSEL M-level entrance
  • 1 bin – the Beach by Charles St.

But what exactly is compostable?

  • All food scraps
  • Soiled paper products including napkins, bags, plates and pizza boxes
  • All JHU to-go containers, cups and utensils (plastic and paper based) #CornToCup
  • Coffee cups, stirrers and paper packets
  • And anything else that was made from something that was once alive

In the last fiscal year, Homewood diverted 396,700 lbs of organic waste from incineration! With the installation of these new composting locations, Hopkins is reaffirming its commitment to the environment. You can learn more about composting and all the other campus waste streams on campus during the national Recyclemania competition now through March 28. Happy composting!

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