You may have noticed that the trash/recycling bins in the library have recently been rearranged and thought to yourself, “what gives?” Well, the library’s own Facilities and Support Services department in partnership with the Office of Sustainability have designed more efficient and earth-friendly waste collection stations. No longer will you find a lonely trash bin off by itself—we’re committed to maintaining a 1 to 1 trash to recycling bin ratio throughout the library. We’ve also relocated these new waste stations to centrally accessible areas.

By consistently grouping trash and recycling bins together in specific locations, it is our hope that patrons will more easily find appropriate disposal spots for their debris, and custodians will be able to identify and empty all receptacles more efficiently. Library staff is getting on board too, as departments switch to central waste stations instead of individual bins. In addition to supporting our ongoing sustainability efforts, this initiative has the advantage of freeing up more custodial time for other cleaning tasks. Win-win.

One thought on “Trash Talk

  1. That’s a great idea. Reduces the temptation to put that soda can or those papers in the waste can, and keeps the unrecyclable out of the recycle bins. Bravo!

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