aca_flagThe major topic in health care policy for the last several years has been the Affordable Care Act.

This month’s Conversations in Medicine Symposium is entitled Can We Afford the Affordable Care Act? Come and talk with the distinguished panel of practitioners who will discuss this question and what this law really means for future physicians and patients:

  • Dr. Scott Berkowitz, Medical Director of Accountable Care
  • Dr. Margaret Flanagan, Case Management Coordinator for Health Care for the Homeless
  • Dr. Roy Ziegelstein, Executive Vice Chairman of Hopkins Bayview Department of Medicine

DATE: Tuesday, Feb. 17th
TIME: 8:00 PM
PLACE: Charles Commons Ballroom A/B
MORE: Hors d’oeuvres will be served at 7:30 PM

Want to read up on the ACA ahead of time?

  • Your library’s catalog offers you Affordable Care Act for Dummies — the authors are the AARP’s experts on the ACA who work to educate the public about it. (It’s an e-book – you can read it right now!)
  • Review Articles: Get some quick background by going to PubMed (remember to go through the library’s site so that you can get to full-text articles), and entering the phrase “affordable care act” in the TITLE. On the left, choose REVIEW and LATEST 5 YEARS, and you’ll have a list of recent articles with overviews about the ACA.
  • Read the Law: The full text of the law itself can be found in several places, such as here on the Department of Health and Human Services website and here on the Congress’s site.

I’ll see you at this exciting event, where there will be plenty of time to talk with the panelists.

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