If you’re a frequent user of our Research Guides, you probably noticed that this week we changed over to a whole new look. If you’ve never used our guides before, now is the time to check them out! As before, you can still access guides from the library homepage by scrolling through the box in the lower right corner. You can access our guides directly at guides.library.jhu.edu to quickly scan all guides, or browse the guides by subject.

Browsing guides by subject is a great way to explore if you’re not sure what guide you need, or you want to make sure you’re finding all the best resources in a particular area. You can look in the Writing, Citing, and Publishing category to see all our guides related to writing, citing, and publishing. Some of our top guides in this category are Writing, eBooks, and RefWorks – explore them now to learn about library resources that can get you started off on the right foot this semester.

One of the biggest changes in the new system is the┬ánew menu feature – no more tabs at the top! Underneath the menus the expert librarian is featured so you know who to contact if you have a question about the information in the guide, or need help conducting┬áresearch in that topic. All guides also have a chat box underneath the librarian’s profile, so you can ask a question to an available librarian and get an immediate response. Try it out now!

The new layout features a left side menu, and a quick way to email an expert librarian.
The new layout features a left side menu, and a quick way to email an expert librarian.

As you get your syllabi for your classes this semester, look through the guides and find one or two that may be helpful later. Bookmark the page so you can get back to the information quickly. Before you get started, watch the video below for a quick tour of our new platform. Happy researching!



Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

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