Ever wonder about what people research in Special Collections? Well, wonder no more as we present to you our inaugural Special Collections Research Center program focusing on graduate student research. Recipients of the 2013 Summer Library Research Fellowship will give 15 minute illustrated presentations on a variety of interesting topics in the lovely Macksey Seminar Room, Monday, October 7 at 5pm. Speakers and topics include:

  • Neil Weijer (History),“How England was Called Albion: the Legendary History of Britain in Script and Print, c.1400-1575.”
  • Daniel Houston (Classics), “Printing the Latin Herodotus, 1474-1500.”
  • Janet Gomez (Italian), “Uncanny Heroines: Torquato Tasso’s Epic Female Protagonists and the Representation of Women in Renaissance Books.”
  • Shana O’Connell (History of Art), “Framed on the Page: The First Reproductions of Still Lifes from Pompeii and Herculaneum in 18th- and 19th-Century Publications.”
  • Ayako Hiramatsu (Political Science),“Congressional Party Switchers in the Post-1964 Southern States: National Republican Party Building and Emergent Local and State Party Organizations.”

As you can see from the roundtable lineup, materials in Special Collections cover a diverse range of eras and subjects. Attend this stimulating roundtable and become inspired to do your own Special Collections research!

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