Pumpkin pie, sweaters, apple pie, crisp air, pecan pie…fall is coming soon to a campus near you! But, how can you think about baking (and eating) delicious autumnal treats and taking long walks with colorful leaves crunching beneath your feet when you have a fall course to organize?

Why not carve out some time to carve some pumpkins by letting course reserves assist in preparing your course? Even if you missed the best-service submission deadline, you can still request books, readings, and AV materials for reserve.  To request readings, visit our website and choose an option to submit your reserve readings/AV requests. You may email your syllabus, or, if you have ten or fewer requests, you may submit them electronically through our interactive PDF forms. For more information about our new e-reserve management system (Ares), check out the informational page on our website.

Not sure what’s best for your course? Please see our FAQ or contact us directly at reserves@jhu.edu for general questions about course reserves. We also welcome in-person visits and queries at our offices.

Time certainly flies when you’re backyard barbecuing, swimming in the pool, reading on the sofa, traveling for research, or taking the kids to camp. Now, it’s August—Labor Day and the start of the fall semester are on their way. Don’t miss out on all of the great autumnal activities coming up; contact Reserve Services today!

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