JHU’s Institute for NanoBioTechnology (inbt) invites you to attend its annual nanobiotechnology symposium. The symposium will be held on Friday, May 17, in Shriver Hall on Homewood campus.

What’s the theme of this year’s symposium?

The title is Translating the Promise of Nanoscience from Laboratory to Development. In keeping with that theme, this fascinating day will include an interactive session by Justin Klein, a partner with the venture capital firm NEA, entitled Investing in Translational Science: Preparing for the Road Ahead.

Will there be a poster session?

Yes, and presenters from all Hopkins divisions, schools, and departments are invited to submit titles (previously presented titles are acceptable). Prizes will be awarded to the top poster presenters. Here are the poster guidelines.

What does the institute do?

The inbt is a multidisciplinary entity with faculty members in every division at JHU. The scientists, writers, and educators who work with the institute focus on the areas of basic biological sciences, clinical sciences, and public health. Also, there are educational opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students, and post-docs, and the institute even has an animation studio.

For more information, look at the current issue of the institute’s Nano-Bio Magazine, or see more questions and answers about inbt.

Where can I find some introductory books about nanoscience and nanotechology?

So glad you asked! On the library catalog’s advanced search screen:

  • enter the words introduction and nanotechnology as TITLE words
  • choose FORMAT book
  • enter PUBLICATION YEARS 2010-2013

You’ll get 50 hits – remember that the results are sorted by RELEVANCE, so the first few pages will give you the best choices.

See you at the symposium!

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