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To all of you out there walking across the stage in one of the many commencement ceremonies to be held later this week: Congratulations! You’ve poured your heart and soul into your studies over the past four or more years and have a right to be proud. And we can be proud, too, because we can claim all of you as our alumni.

Whether it was face-to-face in our offices, in the Research Consultation Office, at the Circ, Reserves, AV or ILL desks, or virtually via Twitter, Facebook, Ask a Librarian, or text, we had your back. We loved the challenging research questions you shared with us, the late nights you spent studying in the library, and the millions of articles you downloaded from our databases over the years.

Just because you’re graduating doesn’t mean that we’ll go away. You have a variety of research tools available to you via our Alumni Virtual Library, and if you stay in the area, we hope you’ll attend some of our Friends of the Library events. If you don’t stay in the area, look for us at one of your local alumni chapter functions. Our curator of rare books, Earle Havens, recently wowed our friends in the Windy City with his talk about some of our treasures.

So keep in touch! Set up an RSS feed for our blog, and keep following us on Twitter and Facebook.

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