Texas? Not in the library. For us, “TX” is a call number, just like QA , PT and HF are call numbers. But you don’t hear a lot about the books in TX.

Why not?
Because the topic of TX is not a big research area here, so that section is pretty small.

Okay, so what’s TX?
Home Economics.

I said Home Economics; now do you understand what I mean by “not a big research area here”?

So what on earth is in TX?
Some extremely cool stuff! For example:

How do I find a list of the TX’s that we have?
The library catalog is always the best place to start when you’re looking for books.

The TX section is on C Level, facing the north wall, which is the opposite end of the floor from the construction.

TX also includes the “hospitality” field — for example, we have books about the some of America’s great luxury hotels, the business of the hospitality industry, and the industry’s controversies.

Don’t forget the TX’s in the Science Reference section! Drink up and eat hearty, everyone.

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