On the illustrious eve of the last day of classes, give yourself a break and partake in some holiday cheer downtown in the Mount Vernon neighborhood. Thursday, December 1, marks this year’s lighting ceremony for the Mount Vernon Monument – it’s a blast: figuratively and literally! Festivities of all sorts are punctuated by a fireworks display to ring in the holiday season.

But, that’s not all! If you want to duck inside, the Peabody Renaissance Ensemble will be performing that night at 7:30 in Griswold Hall (well, after the fireworks wrap up…so, just head in after the last burst fades!) at the Peabody Institute – a wonderful holiday concert showcasing music that spans the centuries. Don’t forget to swing by the Walters Art Museum to see the special show about the Archimedes Palimpsest. And, all of the local restaurants will be expecting you, so pop in for dinner and holiday cheer.

It’ll be a rocking time in Mount Vernon on Thursday – be sure not to miss out! Then, on Friday, it’s back to the books… research papers and exams await before the full holiday celebrations can begin. So, don’t forget about our Research Guides… and we’re open 24/7 (on all levels from Saturday, December 3 through Friday, December 16 for those with a valid JHU ID).

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