With Web 2.0 platforms, Facebook, mash-ups and peer-to-peer file sharing, we have witnessed a proliferation in the creation and sharing of information in various formats e.g. audio, video, music, image and writing. These formats have created a problem for libraries and universities in terms of Copyright and Fair Use. Historically, the lines around copyright have been conventionally defined; however, due to the hybrid fashion in which information is being created and shared, these lines are being blurred and, in some ways, challenged.

Faculty and students are actively harnessing various tools and technologies to create new and innovative projects. These projects produced new types of creative works which lead to new perspectives about Copyright and Fair Use. The manner in which information is produced, shared and distributed has changed. The lawsuits against Napster and Limewire and the creation of Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube have allowed people to create and publish user-generated content almost immediately. These innovations helped produced ripples in the relatively calm realm of Copyright and Fair Use. 

Interested in learning more about the debates that surround Copyright and Fair Use? Then, sign up for our workshop scheduled on Wednesday, Oct. 12 from 10:30-11:30 am. Not only will the workshop create awareness about some of the challenges related to copyright, but also provide an electronic toolkit for the participants.

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