Sex and brothels, politics, scandals, tourism, crime and justice, women and gender, street literature, religion, social reform—OH MY! Our new database, London Low Life has got it all. This excellent full-text digital collection focuses on the street life of Victorian London. Perfect for researching social reform, popular music, prostitution, the Temperance Movement, working-class culture, street literature, street cries, political scandals, crime and justice, etc.

Features include searching by theme (e.g., Crime and Justice, Disreputable London)  and document types (e.g., cartoons, penny dreadfuls, tracts). This database is packed with visual resources such as color maps, photographs, illustrations, posters, playbills, song sheets, and cartoons. Image galleries are thematically arranged and they can be downloaded to create slideshows for instruction or presentations. Interactive maps make it easy to visualize historical data.

Further resources such essays, dictionaries, chronology, bibliography, and other external resources that are available would be very useful for research. Searches can be limited to just primary documents and the most popular searches are listed by themes, keywords, and places.

With all the steamy possibilities, betcha can’t wait to write your next paper! London calling

One thought on “London Low Life

  1. Question: Who has access to London Low Life? Is it something I can share with others, or is it restricted to JHU affiliates/on-site users? Thanks!
    Thanks for your question. Like all the databases we license, this one is restricted to JHU affiliates and on-site users only.
    Ellen Keith
    Research Services

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