Opening hours for the Department of Special Collections will be changing starting June 1. We will be open to researchers at 9am instead of 8:30. Rejoice all ye researchers for that means you can sleep an extra half an hour before starting your very serious research! Remember, if you want to admire epic muttonchops from heroic Hopkins men of yore, or have an irrepressible urge to start up your very own business in physiognomy, then march on down to Special Collections at 9am and make your dreams come true!

In review, our hours starting June 1 are as follows:

M-W, F: 9-5
Th: 9-8
Weekends: Closed

Want to research at the George Peabody Library, too?  Then drop by during the hours listed below:

M: Closed
Tu-Th: 9-5
F: 9-3
Weekends: Closed

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