Mergent continues to serve as one of the leading providers of financial data and company information since 1900. Check out these web-based databases for your business research by clicking on the letter M in the Search a Database box on the library’s home page; or, explore Mergent and other online business resources on the Business Research Guide.

Start with Mergent Online for:

  • In-depth U.S. and international company profiles that include: business description; executives; annual reports; company filings; M&A transactions; stock history, timely news; long-term debt; history; ownership; insider activity; competitors; and current and historical financial data and equity prices
  • Pre-defined and customized reporting tools for company or peer analysis
  • Full-text industry reports at the broad sector level for Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific
  • Dun & Bradstreet’s directory records for private, public, and international companies which include in-depth financials for selected private companies

Doing historical research? Mergent WebReports allows you to search the digitized versions of these Mergent manuals (formerly called Moody’s manuals) since their initial publication. Manuals, ranging back to the early 1900s, concisely offer corporate history and hierarchy, business descriptions, officers, property, and in-depth financial information. The collection is searchable by company name, year or manual type.

  • Mergent/Moody’s Bank and Finance Manual
  • Mergent/Moody’s Industrial Manual
  • Mergent/Moody’s International Manual
  • Mergent/Moody’s Municipal and Government Manual
  • Mergent/Moody’s OTC Industrial Manual
  • Mergent Moody’s OTC Unlisted Manual
  • Mergent/Moody’s Public Utility Manual
  • Mergent/Moody’s Transportation Manual

Need to track current or historical corporate or municipal bond information, including their ratings from various sources?  Explore Mergent BondViewer for US taxable and municipal fixed income and evaluation data. From pre-sale through defeasance, Mergent provides on-demand access to a wide-range of bond data including both issuer and bond level terms and condition data, US taxable bonds, municipal bonds and retail notes.

Other questions?  Please feel free to consult the Business Research Guide or ask the business librarians for assistance!

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