Chicago Manual of Style 15th editionNow that you know how to cite online resources using MLA, shall we move on to Chicago Manual of Style?

Many humanities disciplines, particularly History, use Chicago as their documentation style of choice. Chicago uses footnotes and endnotes, but most instructors will also ask you to include a bibliography at the end of your paper.

Here are a few examples of what incorporating internet resources using Chicago Manual of Style would look like:

In text:

James Gillespie argues that even at the beginning of colonization, the English “sought to utilize the new lands both as a means for solving troublesome social problems and at the same time of adding to the material welfare of the motherland and establishing its power abroad.”27

First footnote or endnote:

cms note example

Subsequent notes:

cms shortened note example

Consecutive notes:

In consecutive notes using the same source, you may replace the repetitive information (i.e., author, title) with “Ibid.” – that’s the Latin abbreviation of ibidem, meaning “in the same place.”

cms ibid example

Bibliography citation:

cms bib ciation example

Eisenhower Library has both the print manual of style as well as the full text online! Take a look at 17.4 – 17.15 for more specific tips on citing different kinds of online resources.

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