Hot jazz, cool jazz, Latin jazz, classic and contemporary jazz, it’s all jazz. April is Jazz Appreciation Month!

  • DVDs and videos (~70) – Watch and listen to Billie Holliday, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker
  • CDs (2,800+) – Ella, Stan Getz, Duke Ellington, many Blue Note recordings, Lester Young, even masterclasses
  • Printed music (220+) – Jazz piano chords, the Sonny Rollins Collection, jazz scale studies for clarinet, Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue
  • Books (680+) – Read about the tragic short life of John Coltrane, or about other jazz legends and their unique sounds.

To find these different types of materials, go to the advanced keyword page, put jazz in as a Subject, and choose what you would like from the Material Type box on the lower right.

Looking for a particular instrument? Search the catalog using code (see “Search by Instrumentation”), or listen right now through Naxos Music Library – do your search, check the box(es) for what you want to hear, and choose “play selection” on the left. (Naxos is also an app!)

Many of these items will be found at the Arthur Friedheim Library, which¬†offers an extraordinary array of listening, playing, and viewing opportunities. (Please note that Friedheim’s DVDs and CDs don’t circulate to JHU students and must be used there.)

So get In the Mood for Jazz Appreciation Month! See you there.

It will always be the Jazz Age, baby!

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