Have you activated your JCard yet? Your JCard serves as your library card. You can use the barcode (circled in red, right) to check items out, renew materials online, and place requests in the catalog for items to be delivered and recalled. Before you use it, it needs to be activated with the library. To activate your JCard, please call (410) 516-8370, email circmail@jhu.libanswers.com, or visit the circulation desk at your local JHU library.

What are requests? The JHU Libraries Catalog includes all of the libraries of the University, so sometimes you may find an item that lives in a different building than the library you frequent. Many items can be delivered by request to the JHU library location of your choice. Use the blue request button (circled in red, below) in the catalog to make a request for most pick-up locations.*

Request an Item Through the JHU Libraries Catalog

What are recalls? You may also find that a key item you need to use for your research or coursework is already checked out. If you need to use an item, you have the option of recalling it by placing a request with the same blue button. The person who has the item checked out will be given ten days to finish using it and turn it in. You’ll then be notified when it is available for you to pick up.

*Which locations can you request as delivery locations? Keep reading to see a list and get instructions for having items delivered to Columbia and the Downtown Center campuses. The blue request button will allow you to request items be delivered to the Eisenhower Library on Homewood Campus, our Washington Regional Library locations, and other JHU libraries such as the Welch Medical Library, the Friedheim Library at the Peabody Institute, and SAIS. See the complete list in the image below:

JHU Libraries Catalog Delivery Locations

To request items be sent to the Columbia or Downtown Center campuses, please contact librarian Michael Houck at 410-516-9709 or michael.houck@jhu.edu.

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