Researching the development and regulation of child labor laws through the lens of chimney sweeps? Interested in the havoc wreaked by the South Sea Bubble? Curious about Irish fisheries? Dying to know about piracy and the British maritime trade? Then in addition to printed materials in the library collection, the database The Making of the Modern World:  Goldsmiths’-Kress Library of Economic Literature 1450-1850 is for you. It contains over 61,000 digitized books, pamphlets, and periodicals published during this period that can help us unravel these complex questions.

The sources are more than just Western in scope. In addition to extensive East-West historical trade information, Making of the Modern World also contains a rich collection of Far Eastern travelogues by European merchants, explorers and diplomats along with many ethnographic illustrations.

The database offers powerful full-text searching and highlighting, which lets researchers quickly explore a large number of rare books and primary source materials. This allows researchers to retrieve and correlate concepts and facts in a manner not possible through traditional means.

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