1. Where the lacrosse team practices?
2. What an aspiring athlete hopes for?
3. A new way for students to collaborate?

If you guessed number 3 – a new way for students to collaborate – you are correct!

TeamSpot is a new software product being piloted on the Homewood campus during spring 2011.

TeamSpot allows any group of students to work individually on their laptops and simultaneously together on a big screen in a shared, drag & drop environment. Anyone in the group can send to, and manipulate content on, the shared Host desktop.

Group members can work on the Host computer’s desktop as if it were an extension of their own desktops. Multiple people can work on the big screen at the same time, each with a uniquely identified cursor.

Since group work occurs on the Host computer’s desktop, group members can use their laptops to work “off screen” in parallel with the main group. This can be useful when one person needs to research a point while the rest of the team works together.

It’s easy to move digital content among team members – files, websites, and folders can be sent to, and opened on, any computer joined to the TeamSpot. Once a file is moved to the shared work surface, anyone can revise it. TeamSpot is PC and Mac compatible.

TeamSpot is available in the following locations:

  • MSE Library: M Level and A Level
  • Digital Media Center
  • Krieger Computing Lab

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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