If you’re one of the many camped out working in the 24/7 Eisenhower Library, you may have noticed that we’ve recently made the following changes to the seated computers in the library:

  • Seated workstations now require a JHED login, while standing workstations are available for all library users. Why the change? During the period when the Hut is closed, we’re trying to provide adequate seating and workstations for JHU faculty, staff and students. Affiliate logins are available for some at the circulation desk. Want more details and the fine print? Read the complete policy.
  • Multiple keyboard languages are now available. Choose from 12 keyboard languages. Instructions for switching are available on the desktop.
  • We’re getting greener. Monitors now shut down after 30 minutes of inactivity to save electricity, and doublesided printing is the default. Still need single-sided printing? See the desktop for instructions.
  • Saving or opening documents? Please be aware that the new security schema on the seated workstations doesn’t allow browsing the C: drive. Please make sure to save your work to “My Documents” (also called the D: drive), which is accessible from the desktop by “File storage” shortcut.

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