This summer IT @ JH upgraded the wireless network within MSEL. The old network (known as “Standard”) has been replaced with a new network that’s more secure and even works with Vista. For the network knowledgeable, it’s an 802.11 a/b/g 56mbps compliant wireless LAN. The rest of us will be satisfied with calling the new network “Hopkins.”

Set-up instructions are available online at:

Make sure you have the right equipment to use the wireless. You may need to get adapter or upgrade your wireless card’s network drivers. Or better yet, call IT @ JH Technical Assistance and make an appointment to have them configure your laptop for you.

Now, about your mother’s blackberry…

IT @ JH also hooked us up with access to the JHGuestNetwork. This is a wireless network that doesn’t require you to sign in. That means that guests visiting the library can log onto the internet. Of course, no authentication means there are some limitations on how it can be used – no access to our licensed resources, for example. But you can certainly use it for most everyday web activities. An online brochure gives more details.

The new networks are being rolled out across the campuses, so you may also have it in your building now. We just wanted you to know you can use either in the library now.

Go to this website for more details on all the wireless networks at Hopkins (yes, we’ve got more than two).

2 thoughts on “Wireless network upgrades in MSE…or Now your mother can use her blackberry in the library

  1. Just another note for Matt & any other iPhone users out there: I have noticed that the Edge network does reach at least Q-Level and M-Level in the MSE Library, so you’re able to get online in the building. For library databases that work with the proxy, you’re able to just log on through and access them as you would from off-campus. I haven’t yet tried the Edge network from A-Level or below…

    See more about off-campus access:

  2. Will the iPhone work on the wireless network?

    Sue replies…

    Hi Matt,

    Well, the short answer is “no.”
    The medium answer is “not at this time.”
    The complete answer is: “As of now, the hopkins network does not work with the iPhone. Apple will have to write a PEAP supplicant for the WPA security to work.” courtesy of Calvin Sproul, Network Architect of IT @ JH.

    So send the folks at Apple a letter and tell them you want your PEAP supplicant!

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