I’m one of the Science and Engineering Librarians, so I spend most of my days down on C Level. (I love C Level; it’s awesome.)

For our latest installment about the work Research Service Librarians do, here was one of my November days:

  • The Community – As part of the JHU Takes Time for Schools program, a colleague and I spent the morning at “Career Day” at the Barclay School in Baltimore. The students, in 5th through 8th grades, asked lots of questions, so they weren’t bored (what a relief).
  • Lunch time! – After the busy morning, I was hungry. I love lunch.
  • Staff Development – How do librarians learn about other subjects so that we can help students in the reference office no matter what their question is? Here’s one way: we each choose colleagues to tell us about their subjects. Today I worked on the talk about Biomedical Engineering that I’ll be giving to a colleague.
  • Gotta Love Those E-mails – I read and answered a whole bunch of e-mails; e.g., students with questions about projects, publishers telling me about new products, a prof sending me a link to a list of the “best e-book readers.”
  • Afternoon Break – Took a quick mental break to check Twitter. A lot happening: shuttle Discovery being repaired, JHU Career Center talking about going to grad school in the UK, and the history of the WWW from Tim Berners-Lee. (I added Access Hollywood to my feeds; guilty pleasure.)
  • Spring Is Coming – I looked at the Registrar’s list of spring classes; time to politely remind profs that they should please invite me to class to show their students how to find and get good information quickly.
  • Virtual Reference – This week I learned how to use Adobe Connect so that I could answer questions from students at JHU’s Washington Library Resource Center while sitting at my desk in MSEL, which I did today from 4:30 – 6 PM.

How cool a day was this?!! Being a librarian is TOTALLY fun.

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