It is definitely the start of a new year – this is our third post in a row with the word “new” in the title! Our database-by-subject list has a new look. Most of the old subjects are still there, like Art History, Political Science, and Engineering. We’ve added some new subjects, for example European Studies, Energy and Environmental Policy, and Public Health.

The really cool thing is that you have the ability to search across several databases at a time. Now when you look at a list of databases, say Philosophy, you’ll see a search box at the top of the list. The words you type into that box will be searched in the databases that are checked in the Core box below it.

You can change the group of databases being searched by clicking in any of the white boxes to select or deselect a particular database. If a database has a grayed-out box, that means it can’t be searched with other databases. To go to any one database, just click on the database title.

If you have any questions, you can stop at the Reference Consultation Office on M-Level or contact your librarian.

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