Congratulations on choosing a “writing-intensive” course! These are wonderful classes about fascinating topics; you’ll love it.

But it’s been awhile since you’ve had to do much writing — where can you get an overview about grammar, style, and how to cite your sources? And where you can get more help if you need it?

There is now a new research guide, simply called Writing. It includes information about

  • how to choose a topic
  • print and online resources to help with grammar and style
  • how to cite your sources
  • how to get help from a writing tutor

No matter what kind of a class you’re in or what kind of project you’re working on, becoming a better writer will always serve you well, both now and throughout your life — people who can communicate clearly through the written word are always in demand.

So make your writing sing, sparkle, and educate! Read through the new Writing guide, and let your librarians know if you have any questions.

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