I love, love, love my iPhone 3GS.

I also love news.

So it won’t be a surprise when I mention that in addition to my Facebook, Twitter, and Mobile RSS apps, I also have several apps for news, including:

  • New York Times [free]
  • NPR News [free]
  • USA Today [free]
  • Fluent News [free] (This posts selected items from various major news sources including BBC, CNN, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fox News, and Bloomberg.)

The good thing about mobile apps is that most developers realize that you’re probably reading their stuff on a tiny screen and design them with that in mind. (There are unfortunate exceptions; I’d love to have Variety but the reviews say it’s just like the print, with lots of sections too tiny to read.)

Breaking news: Your local (at least while you’re at JHU) paper, the Baltimore Sun, just added their app to Apple’s app store. It costs $1.99, and had 9 reviews and 4 stars at the time I looked.

Okay, I just downloaded the app. Not too bad – after you wade through the first-time “offers” and figure out that the square on the left is how you get the sections (e.g., sports and weather), it looks nice. (You can also put the sections in whatever order you like.)

Look at our Newspaper guide for more sources of current news, plus historical news, international news, news images, and more.

2 thoughts on “The Latest News

  1. I like an app called Skygrid. Has a general news section, a favorites (by their staffers) and also you can pick your favorite topics for the latest news on those – for instance, one of mine is “Kinect”, so I keep up to date on the latest news about that device (I just love all the creative ways people have thought of for using it). You can also tweet any article with a couple of touches.

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