By now, we hope you’ve had time to enjoy the beautiful new library outpost in Gilman Hall. The Hutzler Reading Room, fondly known as ‘the Hut,’ finally reopened this summer after extensive renovations.

To improve the user experience, we’ve added printing and copying services. Unfortunately, the Hut isn’t equipped with computers, so you’ll need to bring your laptop and enable wireless printing. Then you’ll be all set to print that pesky term paper. And if you’re connected to our free WiFi access, you can print as you peruse our extensive list of databases.

No laptop? The Hut printer is part of the Library printing system, so any black and white print job sent in the Library can be picked up in the Hut.

Like in the library, copying and printing cost $0.07 per page. As with all our machines, double-sided is the default in order to conserve paper and save you money. This can be modified in your computer’s print settings as necessary.

During the semester, the Hut is open Monday-Friday, 8am-midnight and weekends from noon-midnight. The Hut follows the same holiday schedule as MSEL, and will be closed on dates noted in the Library Hours page.

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