Based on requirements from the university auditors, the J-Card Office had to switch our printing and photocopying services to credit payment only.  If you find yourself at the library without a credit card, but have cash, there’s hope!

Copy/printing cards are now available for purchase at the Circulation Desk in denominations of $1, $5, $10 and $20. The card itself costs an additional $0.75, so patrons who purchase the $1 card will be charged $1.75, and so on.

Got coins and just want a photocopy? Two of the machines, one on M and one on C, still take change—$0.10 per page.

If you’ve got a credit card, continue to pay at any of the three PHIL machines in the library—two on M and one on C. To offset the cost of the card, $0.75 will be subtracted from the total amount of credit loaded. After your card pops out of the machine, it needs to be swiped immediately or reinserted to add more credit, otherwise the card is worthless. Adding money to a J-Card incurs no additional cost.

But how to print if you’re flat-out broke??

PDFCreator is the library’s green alternative to printing. This software, installed on every public PC, allows you to choose PDFCreator as printer and output the content to a PDF.  Save trees, save toner, save $$$.

One thought on “Paying for Printing and Photocopying

  1. A couple of questions:

    1) Can remaining funds on J-Cards still be used? I don’t use the money on my J-Card for anything else (and as a graduate student, I’m not even sure what the J-Card is for, other than the library!)

    2) The copy/print cards that are available for 75 cents…are they refillable? And are they the same as the copy/print cards that I used to use before I had a J-Card? (those, I believe, were refillable, and I think I have a couple lying around)

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Jacquelyn,

    Funds that remain on JCards can still be used.

    Once a copy card is purchased, it is refillable at the PHIL machines (credit-card only) or the PHIL machine in the basement of Garland, next to the JCard office—that machine takes cash. So, yes, if you can hang on to it and refill it either with a credit card or by using cash in Garland, by all means do so. These are the same cards that have been in use before.

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