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  1. Is the lack of adequate student social space on this campus –thereby compelling students to meet in a library never designed for it–really something to brag about? Is the fact that students exhaust themselves during day-long study marathons, depriving themselves of sunlight and sleep, really something we ought to brag about?

    The first seems like a pressing justification for the new learning commons (among other needed facilities improvements), not something to celebrate about the current space. The second seems like an indictment of the worker-bee culture among many of the students here, not something charming or endearing.

    As I see it, the library’s space is its chief WEAKNESS. It’s strengths lie in its collections, services, and (really quite fantastic) staff.

    Thanks for your comment. The video reflects the honest feelings of students we interviewed on campus. Nobody was scripted or coached, and people were generally enthusiastic about the library and proud of the rigorous academic standards to which Hopkins students are held. Your point about the lack of adequate space — for both study and socializing — is spot-on and a big reason why we are so excited about the Brody Learning Commons. And thank you for the kind words in your final line; our staff, who are indeed fantastic, are a major part of what makes the library as beloved and valuable as it is.

    Brian Shields
    Communications and Marketing Manager

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