LexisNexis Statistical has a new name – LexisNexis Statistical Insight – and a new look.

You can use this resource to search for publications containing statistics and filter your results by subject, issuing agency, full-text, etc. Within LexisNexis, you’ll also find LexisNexis Statistical Datasets, a powerful new resource allowing users to create customized tables, graphs and charts from a wide range of data resources, including World Bank, World Resources Institute, U.S. government agencies, United Nations, China Data Center, stock exchanges from around the world (Deutsche Borse Group, Bombay Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Nikkei, NASDAQ, etc.), and more.

To access DataSets, look for the pull down menu in LexisNexis Statistical Insight labeled Related LexisNexis Subscriptions.

This is an example of documents retrieved on a search for Haiti and disaster:

This post comes to us from SAIS Librarian Steve Sears. Thanks, Steve!
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