Jean Goulemot was a visiting professor in the (then) Romance Languages department when I made his acquaintance, and discovered a mutual passion for collecting. Jean, pictured here, haunts the flea markets of Paris every weekend he is in town. Over the years, he accumulated a truly stupendous library of rare,  interesting, and valuable books.

What does this have to do with Johns Hopkins libraries? Well, we have purchased a large part of Jean’s fantastic book collection over the past few years, including a truly remarkable set of materials on the Dreyfus Affair, including full color posters from the time, newspapers, journals, and books.

The most important part of the “Goulemot Collection” though is the many books and periodicals from the early avant-garde, especially Surrealism. These materials have been used by many classes, undergraduate and graduate, as well as by visiting scholars.

See the “Jean Goulemot collection” by doing a keyword search in our online catalog on “Jean Goulemot”. And then pay a visit to the Rare Books and Manuscripts department on A Level and see it for yourself.

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