Nixon and Hoover with microfilmDoes the word “microfilm” make you run, screaming, away from the library? Do you have fear and loathing of celluloid? Well, you’re not alone. Perhaps nothing instills such fear in a student as the prospect of descending to A-Level and sitting, hunched over a machine from the 1920’s, ruining your eyes on crackly, faded microfilm.

But did you know that microfilm is often the only place you can find unique, primary source materials? Get an idea of what’s available by visiting this site.

Find stuff like French Political Pamphlets 1547-1648, or documents from the Gay Rights Movement, the Spanish Inquisition, the NAACP, the Spanish Civil War.

We even have the papers of Richard M. Nixon!

Contact a Research Librarian for a tour of our incredible microfilm collections.

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