Searching on a topic in Sociology? Have an interest in marriage and the family, immigration, globalization, developing countries, labor, and more? Go no further than Sociological Abstracts. Other databases have tried to compete with it, but for me, this is the “go to” database for Sociology coverage. Why?

  • It covers 1800+ journals and also includes citations to books, chapters in books, and dissertations.
  • Coverage is from 1952 to the present.
  • It includes foreign language journals (and you can search on language), which is helpful for those graduate students taking their language exams.
  • It lends itself very nicely to cross-searching other social sciences databases, saving time.
  • Researchers can set up search alerts to be notified when new articles matching their search terms have been added to the database.
  • A bonus for RefWorks users—Sociological Abstracts and RefWorks are owned by the same company, so there’s a prominent direct link to exporting citations to RefWorks.

So, no matter what your interest, this is THE database for all those sociologists out there.

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